An email from Bruce Thwaite/Geoff Whitelegg

An email from Bruce Thwaite/Geoff Whitelegg

Postby tonydav » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:05 pm

Here's an exchange of emails about Alf:-
From: Bruce Thwaite
Date: 19/11/2014 18:25
To: Roy Webster; Geoffrey.whitelegg
Subj: Alf
Did you see this about Alf Wood?

From: geoffrey whitelegg
Sent: 19 November 2014 20:34
To: Bruce Thwaite; 'Roy Webster'
Subject: Re: Alf

Hi Bruce,

What sad news.

I had not seen this before opening your link below. Seeing your heading, my mind immediately flashed to Alfie Wood. There was only one Alf in our schooldays.

It was quite an article. I have just read through the article, but not played the videos.

I always said that the only one of us in the "C" stream of our years at CGS to become well known was Alf.
I could never understand how he could not establish himself at Main Road, and hit the big time there.

Is there any way I/we can send a message to his wife, perhaps via the newspaper?

Alf, to my memory, is the first of us to succumb to the ravages of time, albeit in his case, caused by the game he excelled at and loved.

Have you by any chance informed Tony Davenport on the CGSOB website?


From: Anthony Davenport
Sent: 20 November 2014 11:37
To: 'Bruce Thwaite'
Cc: geoffrey.whitelegg
Subject: RE: Re Alf Wood

Bruce & Geoff,

Many thanks for letting me know – how very sad.

I’ll add your messages to the CGSOB website if that’s ok with you both.

Please let me know.


Ps. Here’s a link to a Just Giving page for Alf in aid of Dementia UK:-


Please do it – let others know

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Re: An email from Bruce Thwaite/Geoff Whitelegg

Postby Tom Bancroft » Thu Dec 11, 2014 5:07 pm

Just come across this item.
What a sad way for Alf Wood to end up. As well as being an ex-CGS pupil, he was of course a Wythenshawe lad and we had chats with him in the pub on many occasions as he climbed the sporting ladder. He was always just 'Alf' - never had an ego, Just one of our Wythenshawe mates. We would chat about football and our schooldays. A really genuine bloke remembered with fondness.
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