History of Chorlton

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Re: History of Chorlton

Postby Mike C » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:35 pm


Thanks for the additional info about University Challenge. My dad probably also painted the student signs, I only helped him on the Uni name signs (i painted the background) as they were sizeable.

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Re: History of Chorlton

Postby malc » Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:45 pm

On the subject of the Corn Exchange, Wally Lloyd, and the large-scale trams, I think I sent a picture of him operating them to the site several years ago.

And yes, JIC Boyd did write several books on both Welsh and Irish narrow-gauge. He died not too long ago, having been a teacher in a liberal private prep school near Great Malvern (in Colwall). This school had a steam railway (9.5" gauge), entirely run by the kids, whose maths were greatly enhanced by their having to do all the accounting as well. The school is now, I think (very recently) in a Trust owned by Malvern College, and the railway protected (I think it was built in the thirties), by a governing body of miniature railway engineers and other nutters. James Boyd's last book was called something like "Don't Stand Up in the Tunnel" - which I have, but can't find! It was about the preservation of this unusual line. He was an engaging person, whom I met with Wally when we .. drove trams and other rail-supported vehicles..... even at the Corn Exchange.

Best wishes from Malc

Better late then never, I've just spotted the pics Malcolm sent to the site in 2014 - apologies. Here they are:-

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