Keeper of the Flame - an opportunity

Keeper of the Flame - an opportunity

Postby tonydav » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:24 pm

Here's an email I've just received from OB Alan Maude:-
Hello Tony

I was talking to Bill Birch a few days ago in Vinyl Exchange record shop in Manchester. He told me that he lost a few hundred pounds ( money ) when HMV went bust. They were trying to sell his book on a commission basis

The remaining copies are on offer at £15 in another shop in Manchester - Vinyl Revival

He also told me that someone who deals with jazz books at the British Library mentioned that staff there have often come across references to playing dates in Manchester in books by musicians such as Humph, Kenny Ball etc but until they saw his book they had no idea that there was so much happening here in the 50's and 60's. A case of 'North of Watford' I suppose.

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year.


I've checked with Colin White (of Vinyl Revival) & here's his reply:-

Hi Tony
We have a few left so much appreciated.
website is


The book was, in my opinion, an absolute bargain when I bought it at £25, so this is a chance to own a copy at an even better price. Well worth the money - strike while the iron is still hot!

BTW. Just in case there are any cynics out there - perish the thought! - I have NO financial interest in this.
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