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Belle Vue Gardens

Postby tonydav » Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:41 pm

Here's an email from Malcolm Carroll - many thanks, Malcolm:-

Dear Tony and Finlay,

It is regrettable that few contentious moments cloud the lives of the Chorltonian Cherubim.

It may be of little importance, but I would like our old boys to give me some impressions they had if they visited Belle Vue Gardens between 1962 and 1968, or at other dates if they wish to do so. The reason is that I have a project to identify elements of Belle Vue which related to the funfair and the rides, including the miniature railway. The latter is most important to me, since I drove the locos, and follow their history. For those train-spotters at CGS, the two miniature working locos are remarkably important, since they still work, and are of world fame. They also symbolize a move between family ownership of leisure activities, and corporate control. In one case here at BV, Sir Charles Forte was instrumental in saving a miniature loco which is now 98 years old, and still working.

It may also be of interest to old boys that the doyen of miniature railway photography, Neville Knight, is an old Chorltonian. A well-known historian of miniature railways, and a brilliant photographer, modest and incomparably accurate.

As a glorified gaff-lad, whose way through Uni was paid by hols jobs driving steam locos, I have to admit to working occasionally on Shoot the Rapids, a crude female knicker-revealer which was inordinately popular with operators and public alike. I can't think why.

However, if any Chorltonian Belle Vue visitors can shed light or photos on the railway, I might describe the engineering which revealed so much on Shoot the Rapids.......

Davy Crockett,
King of the Wild Frontier................

Hope you can publish any - or all - of this, and send your best wishes

M and J
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