Trip to Lake District

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Trip to Lake District

Postby Merlin » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:34 am

Completely out of the blue last week, I suddenly remembered a School Trip to the Lake District, when I was in either 1 F or 2 F ( 1952/3 ), when no less a person than W G Merriman ( plus possibly A N Other staff member ( was it Morgan the Gym Tyrant ? ), escorted a coach party of ( obviously) about 30 or 40 young CGS inmates to a Youth Hostel in or near Keswick.

Not all members of the party were from that year, so younger / older pupils were in attendance and the duration was about 5 or 7 days ....... memories are a bit sketchy but I do remember sleeping in bunks with about 4 or 8 to a room ... eating in a big "Refectory", or outside, and Baylin ( of Pramland shop fame, in Moss Side) bringing an ant's nest into the bedroom and infesting the whole hostel. Also being taken out in a coach and "dropped off" in 4's with a compass and a map and told to find our own way back to the hostel ... told it is was "Orienteering" ....took hours ... never been in "the hills" before ... not a great call for that type of adventure in Wythenshawe in those days !

The weather was good, and hot, but then it always seemed to be, in Summer then.

Can any one else remember being there and can add details ?

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