Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

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Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Postby Merlin » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:49 pm

Nothing to do with CGS of course, but I guess a few of us old f***ts are still on Windows 7 ......

.................. but with decreasing time left to get a "free upgrade " to Windows 10 by sometime in July, after which time 7 will apparently be "unsupported" by Microsoft, it would be interesting and informative to see if anyone has either, already upgraded, and thus has experience and advice to offer, or ....

...... like me, is a bit anxious about losing info during a complete systems upgrade .....Yes ... I know that it is possible to ( and I already have started to ) back up everything before starting, and that it is then possible to "revert " back to Windows 7 if unhappy .... but still .....!!!!!!..... My areas of concern really are about internet / mail connections / contact lists etc........... I understand that MSE changes to something else and that installed AV programmes should be deleted before, and re-installed after, upgrade.

...... any comments / tips / advice / action etc, prior to, or after change, would certainly be appreciated by, and helpful to, me ... and possibly others.

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