Anyone want to be a CHS/CGS School Governor?

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Anyone want to be a CHS/CGS School Governor?

Postby tonydav » Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:43 pm

Here's an interesting series of emails (most recent first) I've had from OB Peter Woolsey. I've removed contact details to avoid spam scrapers but Peter can be contacted either via the CGSOB website messaging system by clicking HERE or by posting a message on the site:-

From: Peter Woolsey
Sent: 06 February 2014 07:43
To: Tony Davenport
Subject: Fwd: From Peter Woolsey ref support for students at Chorlton High School

Hi Tony,

During the recent mentoring event for sixth form students at Chorlton High School I met Peter Topping, the deputy head of Chorlton High School's governors.

I'm forwarding this email I just received from Peter Topping as a simple way of updating you on the meeting I had with the Chorlton High School students.

Would it make sense if we suggested to the school, perhaps via Peter Topping, that Chorlton High School could consider including an old boy from CGS on their School Governors committee.

There may be someone else from CGS, living locally who could provide a regular support to the Governors and to the school.

Alternatively, I'm also willing to offer to help, but only if there is no one else living in the Chorlton area who can provide active and effective support to Chorlton High School.

Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated.


Peter A. Woolsey MBA
Positive Concepts OU and Ltd.

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Re: From Peter Woolsey ref support for students at Chorlton High School
Date: 6 February 2014 01:29:25 GMT
To: "Peter Woolsey"
Cc: "Andy Park" <>

Hi Peter
Hope you are well

The school welcomes your input into assisting the students with their future plans and perhaps next time you are up North we can discuss it further.

There will be a Community Governors vacancy in September which will be up for election if you are interested.

With regards to Hough end Hall we have a meeting with The Architectural Heritage Society on Thursday 13th Feb to discuss grants.

The prospect of getting Siemens involved sounds like a great idea, do you have any contacts there or do we just cold call?

We do have a Student Alumni and at present they are very active in passing on their experiences to the school.

i Look forward to meeting you soon

Regards Peter

From: Peter Woolsey
Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2014 3:34 PM
To: Paintings from Pictures
Subject: Re: From Peter Woolsey ref support for students at Chorlton High School

Hi Peter,

The start to the New Year has been even more hectic than I expected, so, my sincere apologies for this delayed response to your kind email.

1 No face book account, don't trust them. In fact, I mostly use an Estonia server / email addresses to limit spam etc.
Maybe I could create a specific Face Book page but am reluctant to do so at this moment without a good reason.

2 I am however on Linked in which I find more selective.

3 Hough End Hall, seems a big project but perhaps you / we could approach Siemens for a sponsored purchase in return for their having ongoing use in future.
I'd need to know much more about it as my experience with buildings is, double the time and treble the price of the worst estimate.
However, it should be possible for CHS to find a steering group that has contacts and can come up with a viable project. I'm happy to assist.

4 Your other four charities, mentioned below, are all excellent and I'm happy to discuss each of them in more detail when I'm next in Chorlton.
I now live in south Oxfordshire and am heavily involved in assisting small innovative businesses in this area so spend most of my time near Reading, Henley and Oxford.

5 CHS and a future plan to assist all the students to focus on their futures.
My main objective, if I were to be selected as a governor, would be to try and ensure each CHS student had sound advice on their future.
I'd like to work with the existing school governors to create a strategy, then build a team of complementary experts and plan regular meetings with students.
I'm a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, HQ is in Blackpool, they have over 200,000 paid up members who are all SMEs and usually willing to assist their community.
I'm also a former Rotary Foundation Fellow and have access to all Rotary Clubs, there is one in Chorlton that may be able to assist CHS.
I'm in touch with Tony who runs the CGS (Chorlton Grammar School) old boys association and they may be willing to assist.

Is there a CHS alumni association for CHS students ? If so, how does it operate, if not, could we create one?

As I explained to you, I already have a few commitments, one recent one should enable me to visit Chorlton more frequently.

My colleagues and I at are currently contracting to create an Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park in north east England.
This will require my visiting the north east and, if driving, I can divert to Manchester en route whenever necessary.

I'm also involved in assisting a partner in China whose, anti-aging service is based on a proven detoxing process and changed diet.

Equally, I have my own consulting firm n Estonia and the UK and a variety of clients. My web site is out of date and due to be updated this month.

I'm the Estonian representative of the business school for the world, called INSEAD.
More relevant, I've recently been re-elected at Vice President of the INSEAD UK alumni association:

Finally, I am the mentor and head of judging and of fundraising for Peaktime 2014:

Kind regards,


Peter A. Woolsey MBA
Positive Concepts OU and Ltd.

On 20 Jan 2014, at 14:16, Paintings from Pictures wrote:

Hi Peter,

It was nice to talk today and we seem to have covered a mountain of subjects.

Have you a Facebook account? I find there is a quick response to calls for action using facebook where I can get a message out to over 8000 members in Chorlton and Manchester groups.

As you my mission in life is to put back into society as much as I can.

We are having a Governors meeting on Tuesday and I will discuss the roll of Community Governor.

As we discussed here is a list of not for profit projects I have set up.

Hough End Hall
Purchase on behalf of Chorlton Civic Society. This is project only 4 days old at the moment and so need fleshing out! We are making enquiries into purchase of The Hall (asking price is £300,000) which is a grade II listed building. Usage could vary from community activities, leasing to business for conferences, martial art and possibly school activities. (We have discussed the idea as governors of possibly having a 6th Form and it could perhaps fit into those plans). ... hester.htm

This is a “Hub” web site for all things local and at the moment covers GLAD TO BE IN CHORLTON and GLAD TO BE IN DIDSBURY

This is primarily for Chorlton Traders and is linked to Facebook

Threes Company
This is about equality for all in the 3 arts. Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literary Arts. We say Three is company.. not a crowd!

The Christies Charity
After having a cancer removed from my large intestine in 2005 I became even more aware how precious life is and of course my favourite charity is The Christie. At present Hardy Productions UK have a film they have made called Cry England to which all proceeds are going to the charity and I have donated one of my paintings for raffle

If you can offer any advice with regards to the above it will be most welcome.

Regards Peter

From: Peter Woolsey
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 12:49 PM
To: a.park
Cc: Beth Nunn ; Perminder Banger ; peter@;aneez.esmail
Subject: From Peter Woolsey ref support for students at Chorlton High School

Dear Andy,

Thank you for inviting me to contact you following the excellent event last week, organised by Beth Nunn and Perminder Banger.

Peter Topping and Aneez Esmail also kindly invited me to contact them, hence this email, addressed to everyone.

Aneez and Peter very kindly suggested I should consider becoming a School Governor, if this is the opinion of everyone, then I shall be honoured to accept.

My main interest is to assist all types of students at Chorlton High School, in recognition of Jack Clare, a truly inspirational teacher at the then Chorlton Grammar School, which I attended from 1952 - 1959.

Beth has a copy of my CV, but briefly, I attended Manchester University, then INSEAD the Business School for the World and later, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Graduate Business School.

In 1955/6, the Chorlton Grammar School Headmaster Mr. Merriman decided I was a failure, but Jack Clare chose to assist me and inspire me and very kindly acted as my mentor until his untimely death.
I won scholarships to Manchester, to INSEAD and a Rotary Foundation Fellowship to the USA when I chose to attend Wharton Graduate business school.
Jack Clare's faith in me and his mentoring has made all the difference to my life and, in Jack Clare's name, I'd like to repay his help to me by assisting the students at Chorlton HIgh School.

I now live near Henley on Thames and my current business interests include developing a 42 mw wind farm on the Isle of Skye for the benefit of the local Crofters. I also advise two UK Wind Turbine Manufacturers. I have a consulting firm, Positive Concepts, that operates in Estonia and the UK, a now dormant software firm Euro-Baltic Software Alliance based in Finland and the UK and a variety of clients operating in China, South Africa, and the USA as well as several EU countries. I have also have an eminent business partner living in Beijing, China, Dr. Paul Meng. I'm keen to assist Chorlton develop links with China.

I've been actively involved in assisting the European Commission since the 4th framework, for about thirty years, and speak fluent french. I've arranged Erasmus exchanges between Universities in France and Estonia. I also assisted the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania apply for membership of the European Union, from a commercial point of view and have many friends in all three countries and the Nordics.

My pro-bono work includes Peaktime, a well established, annual, online competition for undergraduate students; from >100 universities from >75 countries. This is run by the students of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia:

I'm currently the Vice President of the UK INSEAD Alumni association, responsible for the George's Doriot Distinguished Speaker series and have UK wide and also world wide business links via INSEAD and Wharton. There are over 5000 INSEAD alumni in the UK, including William Hague, and many leaders of UK and international companies.

My initial thoughts are that I should, first, study what the the Chorlton High School Parent Teachers association is doing and their current and future plans.
It is a matter of great personal pride that my father, Harry Woolsey B. Econ, was the founding secretary of Chorlton Grammar School's parent teacher association in 1952/3: he later served as Treasure.

Peter Topping has kindly convinced me I should learn about what has been achieved by the School and what the current objectives are, and I agree with him.

Peter spoke about his ideas for Hough End Hall as a 6th form addition for CHS. This and several of his other ideas make me realise that a lot is going on and I need to, first, understand your existing plans and objectives.

I look forward to meeting everyone again in the near future and being of assistance to Chorlton High School and especially to the students who most need to be inspired to achieve.

Kind regards,


Peter A. Woolsey MBA
Positive Concepts Ltd and OU

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