A virtual reunion?

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Re: A virtual reunion?

Postby Merlin » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:05 am

Thanks for that Brian ... you are the most recent of, in fact, only, "poster" ( on any subject for that matter) for some time .... and I'm delighted that this shows there are still old CGS geezers out there ... the silent majority ...??

Looking back, this issue of a reunion has been raised in a number of posts, for years, this actual topic alone, goes back to Feb 2014 !!! .. almost 6 years, without any uptake ,,,, obviously people lose interest... are sadly, perhaps, no longer with us... find travelling to a venue difficult or not possible ... or have simply no longer the desire to catch up .....not to mention other numerous and very valid reasons ... but that's not to say that many others may still have the wish of a get together.... I'm not very sure about a "virtual" reunion and feel that an actual one is better.

There are all sorts of reasons about cost / organising / venue / time /numbers etc .... but a constructive start might be obtained by our current readership indicating their approval or not and /or their ideas..... so based on the subsequent and number of replies, we all might get a realistic view of likely attendees ... so, to give the suggestion some impetus, can I suggest some outlines ...???

...... a venue in South Manchester, Chorlton..??, a mid week afternoon/evening... buffet and drinkipoo's ... get the Xmas celebrations done and arrange before hols start arriving in 2020.. say March / April 2020?? .. and be happy to contribute a fee with a ceiling of how much .. say £10.00 to cover food / venue.

I'll put my name forward to help organising if A.N. Other (s) will assist.

It's only a suggestion... knock it down ... put another up .. or bin it ... but do something !!!! ..... it would be nice to know how many of us are still keeping the country afloat.

Best Wishes to all ... and Seasons Greetings....
J C Wood (Merlin).
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